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The Christmas break will commence from Friday 19th December 2014, during the break the auction facility will be suspended until the New Year. There are significant changes coming to the site and the way in which the auctions will be conducted, so make sure you visit the new site in the New Year.

The Online Book Auction

Bid4abook the online book auction providing rare and antique books for sale. We also offer free book valuations

Rare Books

Collecting books, be it a rare book, an antique book or even an old paperback, is not complicated and is open to anyone no matter what their budget! You can buy or sell your books here, for virtually free. There are various facilities within the site, my favorite being the Roman Numeral Converter. So please use this site to buy or sell your books.  Hopefully there is something useful or indulgent here for every lover of books.

Book Auction Tips

Pictures. A picture paints a thousand words, use up to five photographs to best display the condition of your book, if you are unsure how to photograph your books then read this excellent article on book photography. Keep the size of the pictures to 400 x 600 pixels maximum and in the jpeg format, this will help speed the upload.

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